WIN POINTS (Predict the result of the Match)
Accumulate highest total Win Points by the end of the tournament
60 Corrects: Rs 10 Lakhs, 59 Corrects: Rs 6 Lakhs, 58 Corrects: Rs 3 Lakhs, 57 Corrects: Rs 2 Lakhs, 56 Corrects: Rs 1 Lakh
* Must played atleast one public H2H/TPB league
R Manager Correct-Incorrect Prize
PREDICTION POINTS (Predict Result & Margin)
Accumulate highest total prediction points (=Win Points + Margin Points + Bonus Poins) by the end of the tournament. Must predict atleast 50% correct predictions.
Rank 1: Rs 2000, Rank 2: Rs 1500, Rank 3: Rs 1000, Rank 4: Rs 500, Rank 5: Rs 250, Rank 6 to 10: Rs 150, Rank 11 to 100: Rs 100
* Must played atleast one public H2H/TPB league
R Manager Points Prize
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