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(Team Under Salary Restriction)

Frequently Asked Quesetions
  • By custom tournament you can create your own tournament from the available matches in Cricbattle.
  • Matches from all the bilateral series, international and domestic tournaments happening around the world will be available in the Cricbattle fixtures. You can choose the matches you want for your tournament
  • For example there are multiple series are going on including Test, ODI and T20 matches. But you only want to play the T20 matches. So you can selectively choose only the T20 matches for your own tournament and play with your friends.
  • First you need to create a new tournament and then you will be given an option to choose matches. All the matches offered by Cricbattle will be displayed to you and you can select the matches which you want to keep and then submit your selection.
  • After you select the matches, Cricbattle will assign you the standard tournament league rules (Lock time, Scoring rules, Trades etc.) and then you can proceed to create your league
  • Yes, Obviously!! After you create a league you can choose any customization package and modify the rules as per your requirement.
  • You can play both the Traditional Points Based (TPB) and the Head to Head (H2H) formats
  • Here we will give you more control over your tournament. You can yourself select the matches individually which you want to keep in your H2H rounds.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of custom tournaments you want to create.